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    HSC Interview Question Answer

    Joni Tyagi
    Q1. How a ue can search (provide) plmn list at that area where network is not available?
    Q2. Is all plmn list should be visible for all the UE’s present in a network?
    Q3. If physical layer provide all the plmn list in a geographical area then what NAS layer will do?
    Q4. If i purchase a sim card from delhi and i switch on my device into mumbai than what will be happen?
    Q5. How many PLMN id’s in a list?
    Q6. When you power on your UE and physical layer search all plmn and create a list, then how our sim verify that this is my PLMN?
    Q7. Your physical layer have own plmn list then why need to provide (plmn list) to higher layer?
    Q8. What information UE get from PSS and apart from that?
    Q9. How UE get the TS0 - - - TS19 of ofdm boundary there are 6 OFDM symbol and 7 OFDM symbol in a slot?
    Q10. What is the importance of MIB?
    Q11. We have 1024 SFN means 210 = 10bit SFN, but in MIB SFN is 8bit what is the reason?
    Q12. In physical layer how many bits are align to MIB?
    Q13. What kind of Information UE got into the RAR?
    Q14. What is the purpose to Timing Advanced?
    Q15. How enodeb calculate Timing Advanced?
    Q16. What is Contention Resolution?
    Q17. How network know that which preamble is using by which ue? How network differentite?
    Q18. What are the Attach Req ie’s?
    Q19. How many types of codec are there in LTE?
    Q20. Codec name of VOLTE and CS Domain?
    Q21. Handover happen before measurement gap or after measurement gap?
    Q22. What do you understande by MAC CE?
    Q23. Network send some update information to UE regarding update system information, so how ue know about update in SIB?
    Q24. Suppose if i have 2 device 1st is DUT and 2nd is Reference device and my both device are far 200m from enodeb then is my DUT get only 1 mbps DL speed and Reference device get 40 mbps DL speed what is wrong in my DUT?
    Q25. During handover performing what kind of Scheduling is happen? SPS or Dynamic?