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    Q00. Define RF? And use of RF in Wireless Technology?
    Q01. Why we need 4G if 3G working well?
    Q02. What is the Limitation of 3G?
    Q03. What are the changes occurred (architecture) in LTE from 3G?
    Q04. Difference between Bandwidth and Frequency?
    Q05. Difference between band and bandwidth?
    Q06. if 900 band have 5Mhz or 20Mhz bandwidth and 2300 band also have 5Mhz or 20Mhz bandwidth then what is effect on coverage would be happen?
    Q07. What is Throughput? How Throughput calculate in LTE?
    Q08. What are the Conditions of Handover in LTE?
    Q09. What is ANR?
    Q10.Whatis interference and how it will overcome?
    Q11. What is CINR?
    Q12. What is Rank Indicator in MIMO?
    Q13. How many Types of Towers have in Radio Networks?
    Q14. What is PCI? How to calculate PCI in LTE? Total PCI present in LTE?
    Q15. What is PCI Collision?
    Q16. What do mean by RSRP, RSRQ and RSSI in LTE? And what kind of information they carry?
    Q17. What is SWAP? And how many type of SWAP’s are in LTE?
    Q18. How many types of Antenna’s are using in network?
    Q19. What is Front loop and Back loop Coverage of Antenna’s?
    Q20.Whatis Antenna Gain? How it affect on Coverage?
    Q21. How many types of TILT present in Antenna and their jobs in network coverage?
    Q22. How many Testing Tools are used for network testing?
    Q23. How many different-2 types of testing doing for network testing?
    Q24. What is call initiation (connect) duration of CSFB and Volte?
    Q25. What is Microwave? Why it is used in network?
    Q26. How to check microwave visibility? And what is hop-to-hop?
    Q27. How to reduce interference in LTE?
    Q28. What is difference between db power and dbm power?
    Q29. What is ping? And Latency required in LTE?
    Q30.Whatis KPI?
    Q31. How many types of KPI used in LTE?
    Q32. What is Counter? And how many types of counter in LTE?
    Q33. What is LAC, RAC and TAC in network? Where these required?
    Q34. What is difference between Soft reset and Hard reset?
    Q35. What is reserve mode and why it use?
    Q36. Which Access Class SIM is required to latch on reserved network?
    Q37. In FDD and TDD? Which technique has more Interference?
    Q38. In FDD and TDD? Which technique gives more throughputs?
    Q39. What is Alarm? And what kind of information they provide to RNO?
    Q40.Name of some famous Alarm monitoring Tools?

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