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    Anritsu Interview Question Answer
    Q1. How you work on TTCN3?
    Q2. Tell us about handover procedure of X2?
    Q3. What happen when target enb get down and serving enb send an handover request toward target enb?
    Q4. IE used at the time of rrc reconfiguration initiate mobility of handover?
    Q5. Soft handover and Hard handover?
    Q6. What happens when after receiving the measurement report from ue serving enb want to established the connection but target enb suddenly down?
    Q7. After getting the reconfiguration message on phy on ue than it passing through the MAC RLC PDCP layer till RRC so what they do?
    Q8. How ue knows that this is a rrc reconfiguration message (crnti) ?
    Q9. RLC modes and there difference?
    Q10. Type of DCI and there used?
    Q11. SR and BSR difference and who initiate it?
    Q12. Type of BSR?
    Q13. Type of mac ul and dl control element?
    Q14. Difference between harq and arq?
    Q15. Different type of harq?
    Q16. How ue or enb know that what is the harq process number?
    Q17. What is meant by logical channel id and group?
    Q18. What is cqi and there range and who sent it?
    Q19. Is each cqi values is directly connect to mcs? Or what is the scenario, range of mcs?
    Q20. What is ca? Do you experience about log related in ca?
    Q21. What is PHR?
    Q22. What is timing advance and why it is used in mac dl ce?
    Q23. Different type of SRBs and DRBs and when which SRB is used?
    Q24. What message are sending on SRB0,1,2?
    Q25. Rrc establishment message sent by ue on which srb?
    Q26. Rrc reconfig message sent by network on which srb?
    Q27. Tell me rach procedure?
    Q28. How the preamble info will selecting by ue like which preamble we should use?
    Q29. What mobility control info and each config dedicated in rrc reconfiguration ie?
    Q30. After receiving rar from enb ue send message 3 than how ue get grant of ul?
    Q31. At the time of receiving rrc connection setup how ue knows that its his rrc connection setup?
    Q32. Where the ul resource grant for sending rrc connection setup complete?
    Q33. If we received sib and rrc setup at same time than how ue recognize which time it decode rrc message and sib?
    Q34. Which channel used for sending sr and bsr?
    Q35. How much process used in fdd?
    Q36. What is the message send on srb2?
    Q37. What is criteria used to follow for crate srb2?
    Q38. What is meant by authentication req used in attach procedure?
    Q39. Did security is enabled before sending authentication req?
    Q40. What is the first message on srb2 between ue and enb that ue send?
    Q41. What is the requirement of security enabled 2 times in attach procedure?
    Q42. When mme send security mode command and what is the info present in it?
    Q43. So in the security mode command there is direct transfer of key to ue mme or something different procedure?
    Q44. Failure cases of rrc reconfiguration?
    Q45. After receiving rrc connection setup than ue need to send rrc connection setup complete message so need ul resource where that resource comes from?
    Q46. After receiving rrc reconfiguration message from PHY to MAC and MAC to RLC than what is the first work that done by RLC and using what mode of operation?
    Q47. Security in attach procedure come to deal by which layer?
    Q48. Can you tell me what is pics and pixit in TTCN3?
    Q49. What is use and how to use TTCN3 as for scripting?
    Q50. What is used of python scripting?
    Q51. Difference between set, list and tuple in python?
    Q52. How to write dictionary program?
    Q53. How to check the message if rrc reconfiguration message is miss than how you know that what is bug because you can’t even show the rrc message than how you find it?
    Q54. What you used in python scripting if rrc configuration message bug found?

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