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    Samsung Interview Question Answer
    Q1. In EPC which node you comfortable?
    Q2. Initial attach architecture?
    Q3. Where GUTI allocates?
    Q4. How MME know to send initial attach request particular S-Gw (out of 5-6 S-Gw present)?
    Q5. How enb know to send initial attach request to particular MME (out of 5-6 MME present)?
    Q6. RRC connection sent which channel?
    Q7. What's IE present in create session request?
    Q8. Types of handover in LTE?
    Q9. About PCRF and its interface?
    Q10. SIB information SIB1 to SIB8?
    Q11. When S5 and S8 interface use?
    Q12. Soft Handover and Hard Handover?
    Q13. If UE has 16 Bearer than how much E-RAB will be established for a UE?
    Q14. How many Bearers would be establishing between Single UE to Single PDN?
    Q15. Can we use 2 Application via using 1 dedicated bearer or we have to require 2 bearers separately?

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