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    Q01. Why we required CSFB?
    Q02. Difference between CSFB and SRVCC?
    Q03. How many types of CSFB present in LTE?
    Q04. define EPS architecture for cs fallback and sms over SGs interface?
    Q05. Name of the 3gpp specification use for cs fallback?
    Q06. Name of interface present between MME-SGSN?
    Q07. Name of the interface present between S-Gw-RNC? And why?
    Q08. Which interface is using for cs fallback?
    Q09. Explain mo-call flow in CSFB?
    Q10. Explain mt-call flow in CSFB?
    Q11. How SMS transmission is possible in lte?
    Q12. Explain SMS call flow?
    Q13. is there any other interface we are using for sms services?
    Q14. is CS fallback and IMS based services shall be able to co-exist in the same network?
    Q15. if ue in idle state and user want to mo call then what is the procedure ue will follow?
    Q16. what is the attach type is using for mo-call and mt-call?
    Q17. which timer is using for mo-call and mt-call and duration of same timer?
    Q18. What are the information Elements present in Extended Services Request?
    Q19. how mme know that received request from enodeb is relevent to cs fallback?

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