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    Q01. What is the meaning of LSB Field indicate?
    Q02. What is the full form of PDCP Layer?
    Q03. What are the main functions of PDCP in lte?
    Q04. Define PDCP functional block?
    Q05. What is SN_STATUS transfer, what kind of information it carry?
    Q06. Why we need Packet Compression in lte?
    Q07. What is name of packet compression algorithm?
    Q08. Which PDCP entity responsible to provide security to signaling messages?
    Q09. Why we do integrity 1st and cyphering 2nd in pdcp?
    Q10. What is timer based discard?

    Q11. What is the difference between SO_start and SO_end?
    Q12. What is the meaning of t_Status_Prohibit?
    Q13. What is the difference between Poll_PDU and Poll_Byte?
    Q14. In a voice call, how many MAC, RLC and PDCP entities and Processes Minimum will you design in both directions if we take together?
    Q15. What is ROHC, why ROHC is required?
    Q16. What is ciphering why we need of ciphering in lte?
    Q17. How are Ciphering Keys generated in PDCP?
    Q18. What are minimum parameters require for ciphering?
    Q19. What is the meaning of Integrity Protection in PDCP?
    Q20. What is the Integrity key and how it’s generated?
    Q21. What are the minimum parameter require for MAC-I?
    Q22. Which type of ARQ or HARQ is implemented in PDCP?
    Q23. What is the maximum size of PDCP SDU and PDCP PDU?
    Q24. What is the COUNT and what is the used of?
    Q25. What is DRB’s and SRB’s what is special about SRB0, SRB1, and SRB 2?
    Q26. What is the meaning of FMS (First Missing SN) and Bitmap for STATUS PDU?
    Q27. What you understand by MAC-I? How does it help to ue?
    Q28. What are the different-2 PDCP SN sizes possible in lte?

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