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    Trumind Interview Question Answer
    Q01. While working on Epc which Bug you have find out & which node you have prefered?
    Q02. What is Power on procedure?
    Q03. What is Msg1 and Msg2?
    Q04. Explain Attach procedure?
    Q05. What are Authentication IE's?
    Q06. What are Security message IE's?
    Q07. SRVCC call flow?
    Q08. What is the difference between 2G, 3G and 4G?
    Q09. Difference between CSFB and SRVCC?
    Q10. While you working on RRC which Bug you have find out?
    Q11. RRC Request IE's?
    Q12. Events?
    Q13. What is Resource?
    Q14. Factorial Program in python?
    Q15. Handover Type?
    Q16. If DRX is disable does ue receive paging message?
    Q17. Cell selection criteria?
    Q18. Daily activity?
    Q19. What is Rach?
    Q20. Rlc all modes?
    Q21. CPT in rlc?
    Q22. Calling mode?
    Q23. HARQ?
    Q24. RRC re-establishment IE's?
    Q25. Difference between SRB and DRB?
    Q26. A3 and A4 which condition it will perform handover?
    Q27. Nas dedicated message?
    Q28. SRV Mapping?
    Q29. CSFB call flow MO and MT?
    Q30. DCI?
    Q31. X2AP Handover?
    Q32. I-RAT Handover?
    Q33. Carrier Aggregation?
    Q34. Paging & DRX?
    Q35. Uplink and Downlink Speed Calculation?
    Q36. Radio Link Failure?
    Q37. RRC re-configuration?
    Q38. CQI?
    Q39. SMS flow?

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