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    Q01. What is LTE and Full-form of LTE and it’s functionality?
    Q02. LTE Architecture?
    Q03. What is the meaning of Interface? What is the interface name between UE to EnodeB?
    Q04. Need to remember UE to PDN all interfaces names?
    Q05. When a UE perform cell re-selection in signalling (idle) then X2 which interface is using?
    Q06. When a UE perform handover in connected state, then X2 which interface is using?
    Q07. What is name of Application Protocol & Transport Protocol in S1-MME interface?
    Q08. What is the name of Application Protocol & Transport Protocol in S1-U interface?
    Q09. Which protocol is using between MME to S-GW interface? Name of transport protocol of same interface?
    Q10. Which protocol is using in MME to EIR or HSS and why?
    Q11. Name of the interface present in MME to MME, and protocol name?
    Q12. What is the name of Protocol using in P-GW to OCS and OFCS?
    Q13. How many famous LTE technique? And how many types of badwidth use in LTE?
    Q14. What is Resource Block (RB)?
    Q15. How many events are in LTE ?
    Q16. How many System Information Blocks (SIBs) are present in LTE?
    Q17. What kind of information SIBs carry?
    Q18. What is MIB? Is MIB also a part of System Information? If yes then what kind or information it carrying?
    Q19. What is OFDM symbol? How many symbol present in a subframe in Normal & Extended?
    Q20. How many Channels are used in LTE system?

    Joni Tyagi

    Author & Editor