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    Q20. How mme found relevent VLR and MSC?
    Q21. why we do attach procedure in lte after that we send release message to ue?
    Q22. what are the ie’s is present in rrc release message trigger by enodeb to ue?
    Q23. why ue again doing authentication and security in 3g network?
    Q24. what is Routing Area Update and use in 3g network?
    Q25. name of protocols are running in 3G voice call?
    Q26. what is the use of SIB19?
    Q27. How ue get the information of MT call?
    Q28. What is the use of CS Service Notification in mt-call?
    Q29. How much time ue will take in mo-call and mt-call in CSFB (mobile to mobile)?
    Q30. How much time ue will take for mo-call to Landline and vice-versa?
    Q31. What are the failure causes (reasons) in CSFB?
    Q32. If ue is supported to cs services and network don’t support cs network then what will happen?
    Q33. How network identified that UE have cs-services supported and vice-versa?
    Q34. Which SIB’s carry CS network related parameters?
    Q35. Name of SIB’s ue will read when it latch with 3G or 2G network?
    Q36. When ue receive paging message at lower layer it send this paging message to upper layer for validation? Which upper layer is responsible for validate paging message?
    Q37. suppose ue is on call with 3G network and same time dl data is arrive to ue then how ue will receive the data?
    Q38. suppose ue is on call and data is arrived in dl direction and ue call is complete then data in dl is continue with 3G network, or it re-direct to 4G network?

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