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  • LTE UE Power On Interview Questions Answer Part 2

    LTE UE Power On Interview Questions Answer, power on procedure in lte, LTE UE power on procedure or UE Initial Access Procedure, LTE Basic Procedure


    Q01. If AS layer provide all the PLMN list in a geographical area then what NAS layer will do?
    Q02. Is the entire PLMN list is visible for all the UE’s present in a network?
    Q03. Is a UE can make PLMN list at that area where network is not available?
    Q04. If a user purchase a sim-card from a particular circle and switched on their device into another circle what procedure ue will follow?
    Q05. How many PLMN ids’ can be present in PLMN list?
    Q06. When you power on your UE and AS layer search all PLMN and create a list then how our sim is verified that this is my PLMN?
    Q07. Is your physical layer have own plmn list which need to provide to higher layer?
    Q08. What information UE het from PSS & apart from that?
    Q09. How UE get the TS0 - to - TS19 ofdm boundary that there are 6 ofdm symbols or 7 ofdm symbols in a slot?
    Q10. What is the importance of MIB?
    Q11. We have total 1024 SFN in lte means 210 -1 [0--1023], but in MIB total SFN size is 8-bit what is the reason here?
    Q12. In physical layer how many bits are align to MIB?

    Joni Tyagi

    Author & Editor