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    Ericsson Interview Question Answer
    Q1. In what procedure you are comfortable.
    Q2. You knew end to end call flows? Other node also?
    Q3. What is your idea on handover and tau?
    Q4. Which is the fastest handover?
    Q5. Is there any possibility to change the gateway in HO?
    Q6. UE having 3 bearers so in that one bearer is failing in handover than in situation what you will calling that handover success or failure?
    Q7. in which message ue receive ip address?
    Q8. How many eps bearer ue can have Actually?
    Q9. What is Data bearers?
    Q10. What is the maximum limit of E-RAB bearer?
    Q11. How the pdn is getting connected using what basis and which parameters?
    Q12. So who will be starting the dedicated bearer?
    Q13. What are the role of HSS in the network?
    Q14. Did you mean dedicated bearer is also try to create?
    Q15. How PDN is selected see in the network there can be 10 pdn so ue 1 can connect to pdn2, ue 2 connect to pdn5. That can be mix and match it can connect any pdn so by using what parameter pdn is selected?
    Q16. Why we require 4G?
    Q17. Difference between 3G and 4G with technical answer?
    Q18. Describe the LTE Architecture in details?
    Q19. See in network there can be many S-GW than which S-GW will be selected?
    Q20. Using the DNS what is the possibility select S-GW, means what it will check from DNS?
    Q21. Where is the role of DNS server, role in the select in the S-GW?
    Q22. HSS and DNS are same one?
    Q23. How the latency will reduced in 4g by using what?
    Q24. 3G user can access 4g network?
    Q25. 4G user can access 3g network?
    Q26. How call facility supported in lte?
    Q27. So initial ue message what are the nas message possible in initial ue message?
    Q28. Piggybacked message in initial ue message what is that?
    Q29. Similar to attach request is their any other message in initial ue (service req) (tau req)?
    Q30. Attach req contents?
    Q31. Attach type available?
    Q32. Esm message container in attach request?
    Q33. In initial request ue that is the first message than how guti allocation is possible?
    Q34. Why guti is being used?
    Q35. What is the possibility of guti and why its coming as a new identity in picture?
    Q36. What is the main ie in initial ue message without it there is no used for this message?
    Q37. How network will differentiate between home and roaming subscriber?
    Q38. What is that plmn id?
    Q39. After finding that this ue is a roaming subscriber than what network will do?
    Q40. Do you have any TTCN3 experience also?
    Q41. How you debug attach reject log so you have got a log and the log you can see fetch and the getting attach reject what are the scenario of attach reject?
    Q42. Have you heard for T-3412? And why is this is?
    Q43. Why ue has to send TAU with timer?
    Q44. Is it happened in idle and connected both?
    Q45. When paging will happened you are getting the DL data than what are the scenario of paging?
    Q46. Whenever you received a call than paging will happen with respect to ue? Either ue in idle or connected?
    Q47. Tell me something you known in TTCN3?
    Q48. What are your experience in python and main use of python?
    Q49. How you can say this is flexible?
    Q50. Weather it is a low level or high and medium level language?
    Q51. Can you tell something about memory in python?
    Q52. Stack and heap memory difference?
    Q53. So how it will used in programming memory?
    Q54. Can you tell about data types in python?
    Q55. Mutable or immutable?
    Q56. Day to day scenario what we will use mutable or immutable?
    Q57. In python can you assign any negative number?
    Q58. What are the different phases of testing you are worked on?
    Q59. Have you work on preparing a test case?
    Q60. So can you tell me the life cycle of defect? What kind of activity you will do till close that bug?
    Q61. Do you have any question for me?

    Joni Tyagi

    Author & Editor


    1. Which is the fastest handover?

      1. The fastest handover in LTE is known as "X2-based Handover." This type of handover occurs between two eNodeBs (base stations) within the same LTE network. It is known for its low latency and efficient transfer of data between cells, making it the fastest handover method in LTE


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