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    Marquis Technologies Interview Questions, Marquis Technologies jobs, Marquis Technologies careers, Marquis Technologies mobile Test Engineer.

    Q01. How you do log analysis on your day to day activity?
    Q02. How you configure ue for testing?
    Q03. What type of bugs you have find out?
    Q04. While doing analysis a bug report what analysis you get to the development team?
    Q05. What kind of analysis you have done for ex: rach, attach, re-configuration failure what kind of analysis you’re doing?
    Q06. What is ca and it’s functionality in ue conformance testing?
    Q07. Which message ue send capability report to network?
    Q08. What are the information elements present in ue capability report?
    Q09. Do you have idea about srvcc and csfb?
    Q10. What is the conditions of re-establishment?
    Q11. What is the rrc re-establishment time?
    Q12. If you send a wrong configuration than how will you know it’s a network issue or something?
    Q13. How do you find network issue?
    Q14. What is network forwarding?
    Q15. Define lab setup?
    Q16. How would you report bug to the development team?
    Q17. Define handover redirection?
    Q18. Why handover required?
    Q19. What is the irat event?
    Q20. Define c.a?
    Q21. What is the release version you currently worked on?
    Q22. Why you want to join?
    Q23. What is lte events?
    Q24. Which system simulator you are currently working?
    Q25. What you do on anite-9000?
    Q26. What is your role in your company?
    Q27. Do you have any question for me?

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