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    Q16. How many Carrier allocation Schemes are available in CA?
    Q17. What is Intra-Band Contiguous?
    Q18. What is Intra-Band non-contiguous?
    Q19. What is Inter-Band non-contiguous?
    Q20. How to denoting band combinations?
    Q21. What is Cross Carrier scheduling?
    Q22. Advantage of cross carrier scheduling?
    Q23. What is Carrier Indicator Field?
    Q24. What is the role of Physical Layer in CA?
    Q25. What is the role of MAC Layer in CA?
    Q26. What is the role of RLC Layer in CA?
    Q27. What is the role of PDCP Layer in CA?
    Q28. What is the role of RRC Layer in CA?
    Q29. What is the role of NAS Layer in CA?
    Q30. Which LTE Events are use in CA?
    Q31. What are the changes occurs on CQI in CA?
    Q32. Which DCI Formats are use in CA?
    Q33. Is it possible a ue can support serving cells with different Timing Advance?
    Q34. How many Transmission Mode will be present in Rel-10?

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