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    Sasken Interview Question Answer
    Q01. What is the difference between priority and severity in Test Case bug reporting?
    Q02. In which conditions ue have 2 ip addresses is it possible a ue can have 2 different ip or 2 same ip?
    Q03. Define lab setup?
    Q04. AT command for PDCP configurations and power on UE?
    Q05. Replace 2 no’s values with each without create a new variable in python?
    Q06. Define Handovers in LTE?
    Q07. What are Cell re-selection procedures?
    Q08. Difference between SRVCC and CSFB?
    Q09. What is SDP protocol?
    Q10. What is a magic cookie in IMS via message?
    Q11. What is Standalone and Non-Standalone network architecture in 5G?
    What is DRX?
    Q13. Define a bug you have found yesterday?
    Q14. How to report bug and what kind of tool you are using for debugging?
    Q15. UE connects 2 pdn how many it have default bearer and dedicated bearer?
    Q16. How many coding schemes are present in lte and their name with functionalities?
    What is orthogonal coding scheme?
    Q18. If your browsing an internet then ue required a dedicated bearer or default is enough define with details it’s possible or not and why?
    What are the conditions of re-establishment and re-configurations in lte?
    Q20. How many cells you can configure in SS?
    Q21. How you analysis the logs?
    Q22. How you capture UE logs?
    Q23. Define SMS call flow architecture?
    What are Attach failure cause?

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