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    Q01. What is full form of RLC and and position in all layers, where it stand in lte?
    Q02. What are the basic function of RLC?
    Q03. Name of 3 Entities of RLC Layer?
    Q04. For which services which entity is used?
    Q05. Describe header formats of UMD PDU in RLC?
    Q06. What is Frame Indicator [FI] ? How much length it have in bits ? What are the possible indicators?
    Q07. What is Length Indicator [LI] ?how much it's header length and message length?
    Q08. What is SO_start and SO_end?
    Q09. What is polling bit? How is it managed?
    Q10. If error is occur in AM mode wheredata copy is stored to overcome error?

    Q11. What is Re-segmentation Flag RF?
    Q12. What is LSF [Last Segmentation Flag] Field indicate?
    Q13. What is Poll_SN? How does it help?
    Q14. What do you send in STATUS_PDU?
    Q15. Any reason why RLC is recommended to do ARQ and not HARQ?
    Q16. How much maximum padding bits should be added in Data PDU and STATUS PDU?
    Q17. What channels are normally carried by TM, UM and AM RLC. List them for each.
    Q18. Are all MAC, RLC and PDCP PDU/SDU’s byte aligned?
    Q19. What is HARQ? Explain briefly?
    Q20. What is sliding window? What is outside and inside window?
    Q21. What is receiving window? What are the two edge variables describing ends of window for AM?
    Q22. What is the re-assembly units work. What variable does it maintain and moves for AM?
    Q23. What is t_Status_Prohibit?
    Q24. What is Poll_PDU and Poll_Byte?

    Joni Tyagi

    Author & Editor


    1. What is sliding window? What is outside and inside window?


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