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    LTE Real Time Interview Questions, Explain Lab Setup? Which System Simulator you are using in your Lab? How you Configure your DUT? day-2-day Activiti


    Q01 Explain Lab Setup?
    Q02 Which System Simulator you are using in your Lab?
    Q03 Which Chip-set you are working right now?
    Q04 Which tool you are using in Conformance Testing?
    Q05 Which tool you are using in Log Analysis?
    Q06 Had you check any log? If yes then what you have to check and how?
    Q07 What is Log Mask? Who provide Log Mask?
    Q08 Which SIM you are using? And who provide?
    Q09 How you Configure your DUT?
    Q10 How you Capture the logs? e.g DUT logs, System Simulator logs, Test System Logs?
    Q11 How you’ll do Cell Configuration?
    Q12 Tell me the latest Bug you had found?
    Q13 Which Tool you are using for debugging the Bugs? And their latest version?
    Q14 How to report a Bug to your concern person?
    Q15 Sometime interviewer ask you, which Test Specification you’ll take help for Conformance Testing?
    Q16 Difference between Functional, Conformance, Regression and Sanity Testing?
    Q17 What is RF Calibration? Why need of RF Calibration for DUT after Flash?
    Q18 How many types of Flashing? How you’ll do Flash a Device?
    Q19 Name of Flash Tool you’re using in your lab?
    Q20 Why device not latch with network after Flashing?
    Q21 Why Flash is required for every DUT? What we’re doing in Flash process?
    Q22 What are AT & MMI commands? Which commands generally using in testing?
    Q23 How much the Size of Chip-set/ and latest Chip-set model Name?
    Q24 How to write Test Cases and Script?
    Q25 Daily day-2-day Activities?
    Q26 How much time Required in Test Case Execution?
    Q27 If you give a wrong configuration then how sould you know that the issue is generate by network side or something else?
    Q28 How UE sends data without USIM?
    Q29 Who is your Client?
    Q30 How you send the messages like ATTACH Message or BSR Report to SS?
    Q31 How you will check any message in real time scenario e.g. RRC re-establishment?
    Q32 Currently you’re working in-house project or Client Location?

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