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    Qualcomm Interview Questions Answers, Qualcomm interview questions, Qualcomm 5G interview questions, Qualcomm internship interview questions, lte QA.

    Q1. Define resource allocation types in LTE?
    Q2. Why SFN mod==4 use for MIB?
    Q3. What is HARQ?
    Q4. What is Scheduling Request (SR)?
    Q5. Define BSR?
    Q6. What do you understand by MIB and SIB?
    Q7. Why PHICH comes in MIB?
    Q8. What is difference between RRCConnectionReconfiguration and RRCre-establishment?
    Q9. What is Measurement gap, and measurement object and what kind of information they will carry?
    Q10. Which DCI format use for RAR?
    Q11. Define Handover procedure?
    Q12. Define DRX information before power on?
    Q13. Define Cell Camping?
    Q14. Define LTE Events?
    Q15. How ue choose 1 Frequency out of many Frequencies broadcast by network?
    Q16. How many PHICH group in System Bandwidth?
    Q17. Why HARQ use 8 arm process?
    Q18. Define Attach Failure Causes?
    Q19. What is Fading? Type of Fading?
    Q20. How would you calculate PathLoss?
    Q21. Define Physical Layer data processing steps?
    Q22. What is PUCCH and UCI or it’s Formats?
    Q23. Define Transmission Mode? How many Transmission modes are present in LTE?
    Q24. What is sidelink? Define Sidelink mapping?
    Q25. How much experience do you have in TDD? Define TDD frame structure?
    Q26. What is DCI? How many DCI formats are present in LTE?
    Q27. What is Type0, Type1, and Type2 resource allocation in DCI?
    Q28. What is the latest Bug you have found?
    Q29. How would you report a Bug to developers? What is Bug Reporting format?
    Q30. What is DTCH message name?
    Q31. RRC send which message to NAS to get PLMN list?
    Q32. Which layer activate CA?

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