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    5G Interview Questions Answers Part-1

    Q01. What is 5G NR? Why it’s need if we have 4G?
    Q02. What are the limitations in 4G?
    Q03. Explain 5G NR High Level Architecture?
    Q04. Explain 5G NR Low Level Architecture?
    Q05. What is Dual Connectivity?
    Q06. What is MRDC?
    Q07. What is ENDC?
    Q08. What is NRDC?
    Q09. Explain the Interfaces uses in 5G NR Architecture?
    Q10. What is gNB? And what’s the use of gNB in 5G NR?
    Q11. What is en-gNB? And How’s it different from gNB?
    Q12. What is ng-eNB? And How’s it different from en-gnb?
    Q13. What is EPC and 5G NRC?
    Q14. What is NSA and SA? Name of the Deployment options available in NSA or SA as per 3gpp defined?
    Q15. Explain frequency range define in 5G NR?
    Q16. What is mmWave? Why it doesn’t it travels far from origin?
    Q17. What’s are the Deployment option’s of RAN’s implementation availble in 5G NR.
    Q18. What is CU, DU use in 5G NR?
    Q19. Name of Interface use between CU and DU?
    Q20. What is CU-CP and CU-UP?
    Q21. Name of Interface use in CU-CP and CU-UP?
    Q22. What do you mean by Class 1 and Class 2 messages?
    Q23. Please tell me the Class 1 and Class 2 messages that’s are use in F1AP protocol?
    Q24. Explain the protocol structure of 5G NR?
    Q25. Please tell me the name of protocol use between UE and R(AN) in 5G NR?

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