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    LTE UE Power on Interview Questions Answer, lte ue power on procedure, ue power on procedure in 5g, lte attach procedure, cell search procedure in


    Q01. In power on which Layer activate 1st ?
    Q02. What is the 1st job RRC Layer performed during power on procedure?
    Q03. How Physical Layer Scan all Frequencies and pick-up 1 frequency?
    Q04. How UE select a Frequency?
    Q05. What is cell selection and re-selection procedure in lte?
    Q06. How UE guess middle DC frequency of a Bandwidth?
    Q07. How NAS layer select PLMN if no’s of PLMN information provided by RRC Layer?
    Q08. What is PSS, which sequence is using in PSS?
    Q09. What kind of information PSS Carry?
    Q10. What is the location of PSS in Type-1 Frame structure?
    Q11. What is the location of PSS in Type-2 Frame structure?
    Q12. What is SSS, which sequence is using in SSS?
    Q13. What kind of information SSS Carry?
    Q14. What is the location of SSS in Type-1 Frame structure?
    Q15. What is the location of SSS in Type-2 Frame structure?
    Q16. How UE calculate PCI?
    Q17. After Calculate PCI how UE validate PCI, is it correct or not?
    Q18. What is the role of System Information’s in Power on procedure?
    Q19. What is the difference between MIB and SIB in LTE?
    Q20. What is P-compensation in cell selection procedure?
    Q21. What is p-max in p-compensation?
    Q22. What do you mean by cell priority in lte?
    Q23. How many types of Priority available in lte?
    Q24. What is Suitable Cell and Acceptable Cell what is the difference between them?
    Q25. What is Barred Cell and Blacklisted Cell and difference between them?
    Q26. What are Access Class (AC), How many AC are available in lte?
    Q27. From where UE get Barring information?
    Q28. What do you mean by Barring Factor, Barring Step, and Barring Time?
    Q29. What are the durations of above Barring Information Elements have?
    Q30. What kind of Information is carryin MIB==>PHICH?

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